Trollface Quest Walkthrough

There are three versions of the Trollface Quest games.

  • Trollface Quest 1
  • Trollface Quest 2
  • Trollface Quest 3

Here, we will tell you a little about each version.

Trollface Quest 1

Trollface Quest 1 is a simple point-and-click game of strategy. The object of the game is to complete 20 levels without allowing your main character (a stick figure) to die. The graphics are very simple – mostly black and white in color. Artwork is very basic. In fact, it seems as if the creators’ hand-drew all of the images. The only thing you need to play this game is your mouse – no keyboard needed.

Each level consists of a new challenge – whether you are completing a maze, trying to fix something without being electrocuted, or surviving a bullfight – each level gets increasingly difficult.

This game forces you to “think outside the box” – so to speak. The reason I say that is because within each level, the obvious way to complete it may not be the correct way. For instance, if your task is to help stickman go to the bathroom – logically, you would just have him open the bathroom door, right? In this case, that would be incorrect. Another option you would have is to use the key found on the floor to unlock one of the bathroom doors. However, this is incorrect also – and in fact, could kill your main character. A third option would be to let him urinate in the potted plant sitting next to him on the floor. Wrong again! What you must do to complete this level is switch the sign on one of the bathroom doors, to allow stickman to enter and relieve himself.

Since this game can be a bit difficult, walkthrough videos are available. These videos will show you exactly how to complete each level, in a step-by-step format.

Trollface Quest 2

Trollface Quest 2 is based on the same premises as the original Trollface Quest game. The object of the game is the same and the graphics are similar. The main differences are – in Trollface Quest 2, there is a little more color added to the images, and the puzzles are different on each level. It is also not quite as violent as the original Trollface Quest game – though there is still some violence.

An example of how the levels are different, and challenging, would be level 18. In level 18, your main character – stick man – is playing a game on a Slot Machine. The obvious thing to do would be to pull the lever – right? Wrong! That will actually end your game! Instead, click the button that says “Manual”, then click on each row of pictures on the slot machine to match up the Trollface pictures. Once you have all three Trollface pictures lined up, you will win this level.

Much like the previous version, Trollface Quest 2 also has a walkthrough available to help guide you through completing each level.

Trollface Quest 3

Trollface Quest 3 follows the same concept as the previous versions. It is a point and click strategy game. You need to think outside the box in order to complete each level. The graphics of this game are a bit better than the previous versions – higher quality images and more colors involved.

One of the main differences between this version and the previous ones are the controls and options/settings. While the majority of the game is played with your mouse, you now have the ability to pause your game should you need to step away from your computer for a moment. As with the previous versions, you can still toggle the music on and off, but you can also toggle the graphics quality between high, medium, and low. This makes playing the game a lot easier for anyone with poor internet connection.

As you may have guessed by now, the Trollface Quest games can be quite tricky. Trollface Quest 3 is no different in that respect. For example, on level 10 you must try to make your main character – a stickman – cross the river by using the stepping-stones scattered throughout the water. Sounds simple, right? Well, if you step on the wrong one, you may end up as food for the alligators!


As you can see, all of the Trollface Quest games follow similar patterns and game play options. Some are more difficult than others, some have better graphics than others, but all are quite fun to play.

Every Trollface Quest game has video walkthroughs available, should you get stuck on a level. This makes beating the games much easier.