Trollface Quest Games

There are three versions of the Trollface Quest games. They all revolve around the same basic concept: complete each level without dying. Each version has between 20 and 30 different levels to pass.

We will give you a short description of each version below.

Trollface Quest 1

Trollface Quest 1 is a basic point and click style strategy game. It involves many different types of puzzles and games designed to make you test your strategy skills and come up with alternative methods of reaching a desired goal. Complete 20 levels and you will win the game.

Trollface Quest 1 has basic graphics. The main character/hero is a stick figure. You must pass each level’s puzzle without letting him die.

Some examples of the type of puzzles and other objectives of the game include:

  • Turn off the TV without getting electrocuted
  • Help stickman win a bull fight
  • Move a piece of candy through a maze without allowing the candy to touch the maze walls.
  • Find 10 Trollfaces in 10 seconds

Trollface Quest 2

Trollface Quest 2 follows similar principals as the previous version. You must pass 20 levels containing increasingly difficult puzzles and objectives to beat the game.

The graphics are still somewhat basic, however they are much better in appearance than the previous level – containing a few more colors. Your main character is still a stick figure.

Some examples of the type of puzzles and other objectives included in this version are:

  • Free the correct bird from the cage
  • Move an iceberg so your ship won’t hit it
  • Get three Trollface pictures in a slots game
  • Rescue stickman from the frigid cold

This is still a point and click style game, so you only need to use your mouse to play. Unlike the previous version, in Trollface Quest 2 the game auto-saves your level locations on the level map.

Trollface Quest 3

Trollface Quest 3 is very similar to the previous versions. It is a point and click style game with basic graphics and minimal user options. The only user options available are the abilities to toggle the music on or off, and toggling the graphics quality between low, medium, or high. Toggling the graphics quality is very helpful for anyone using a slow internet connection.

The graphics, while still somewhat basic, they are a bit better than the previous versions. In this version, the images are much more colorful and a bit higher in quality.

Much like Trollface Quest 2, this game will auto-save your level location on the level map.

One of the major differences between Trollface Quest 3 and the previous versions is the number of levels to play. In this version, you have 30 levels to beat before you can reach the end of the game bonus round.

Examples of what some of the levels are like would be:

  • Cross the river by jumping on stepping stones
  • Play Trollface – your evil nemesis – in a game of checkers.


All Trollface Quest games have very similar features, with a few differences as well as some improvements. All versions have video walkthroughs available. Therefore, if you are stuck on a level, you can watch a short video to see exactly what you need to do to pass it.