Trollface Quest 5

Are you ready? TrollFace Quest 5 is finally here! The addicting game thousands around the world were waiting for – is now available. You can play it on our website for free (we are very generous, aren’t we?),

>> Click Here To Play Trollface Quest 5 <<


So, how you play it? This game is very similar to the previous Trollface quest games. You need to help the Troll complete each level as fast as possible. Most people will think – “ah, no problem”, but as soon as you start playing – you will understand how challenging (yet fun) this game really is. I am not saying you need to be a genius to play it, but some levels will require you to find creative solutions. There are many levels, let’s see how many of them you can complete in 20 minutes. Not too many people will be able to complete ALL of them, but who knows – maybe you are a very talented player!

The first level is really easy -just click on the billboard, and the level is pretty much completed. The second level is not as easy, and I won’t reveal how to complete it. You can do it !

>> Click Here To Play Trollface Quest 5 <<


Do you have friends? Send them a link to this website and see if they are better than you at the game. Don’t have friends? Well… I hope you find some soon. Till then – feel free to play all the TrollFace games on our website. Save it in your bookmarks, and come play when you are board.