Trollface Quest 4

The fourth Trollface Quest game is even more challenging than the previous games from the addicting series. If you like challenges – then this game is perfect for you!

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The graphics in this game are really good, much better than in the previous games. You need to help the troll complete each level as fast as you can. The first level is easy, but don’t be fooled – the next levels will be really hard. If you can’t complete them – go drink a cup of tea, relax – and try again. TrollFace Quest 4 is a funny game, but the levels are not easy at all. That’s why I like this great game so much. I personally got stuck in the 5th level – let’s see if you can complete it. You don’t have to be super smart, just use your common sense.

>> Click Here To Play Trollface Quest 4 <<


TrollFace Quest 4 was played by millions already. If you liked it – share it with your friends and see how many levels they can complete. Can you beat them?

You can also play the previous games (Trollface Quest 3 and others) on this website for free! If a new Trollface quest will be released in the future, we will post it on our website shortly after. So save it in your bookmarks and come play the TrollFace games in the future as well.