Trollface Quest 3

Trollface 3 based on the same concept as Trollface 1 and 2 – a point-and-click puzzle and strategy game. This game is a test of problem solving skills. It tests these skills by making you “think outside the box” by finding a solution to each level’s puzzle in a not-so-obvious way.

An example of this is level 10. On level 10, you must cross the wide river by making Stickman jump on stepping-stones. Easy right? Not so much. If you step on the wrong stepping-stone, you could wind up accidentally stepping on an angry alligator!

Click Here to play Trollface Quest 3



Another great example of just how tricky some of the puzzles on Trollface Quest 3 are would be level 15. On this level, you must play a game of Checkers against Trollface. Do not lose against him! If you do, he will dump boiling hot water on you!

Trollface Quest 3 also has an end game bonus round, once you successfully complete all 30 levels. Yes, I said 30 levels! That’s 10 more levels than the previous two versions had!


There are now two controls available. Use your mouse to complete each level; however, you can now use the “P” key to pause your game.


Just like the last two versions, you are able to toggle the music on or off, however in this version, you can also toggle the graphics quality between low, medium, and high quality.


The graphics are slightly similar to the previous two versions of Trollface, however in this version; they are a little more eye pleasing. They have included more color schemes, and the image quality is a bit higher.


Just like in version 2, Trollface Quest 3 will auto-save your level location on the level map. It uses cookies to track where you are, so even if you close out the window and reopen it, your game will still pick up right where you left off.


You can find a video walkthrough showing how to pass each level of the game, so if you get stuck, just watch the video.