Trollface Quest 1

Trollface Quest 1 is a point-and-click style puzzle and strategy game with basic graphics. It tests your strategy skills and makes you stop and think about the “not so obvious” ways to complete each level.

For instance, to complete level 1, you are to try to figure out the best way to turn off the TV. There are wires that appear frayed, and you are handed a pair of wire cutters. One might think that you are supposed to cut the frayed wires to turn the TV off, right? Instead, all you really have to do is push the off button located on the TV.

Click Here to play Trollface Quest 1

Another example could be what it takes to complete level 12 – moving the candy through the maze without touching the maze walls, and reach the end. Looking at the maze, it looks quite simple. At the end of the maze is Troll Face. Once you successfully touch the candy to the Troll Face, a “Congratulations” message appears in the middle of your screen and a “Next Level” button shows up on the right side of the maze.

At this point, you’d think you’ve finished the level. However, if you move your mouse down to the “Next Level” button, without carrying the piece of candy around the outer side of the maze, you have instantly lost – and accidentally touched the maze walls. Once you receive the “Congratulations” message – don’t be fooled! Continue to carry that piece of candy out around the right, outer side of the maze and down to the “Next Level” button.

Anyway, even after finishing the game, much more games are waiting for you, starting from the second version since the last one so far, Trolltube.


The graphics in this game are quite simple. The majority of the game has the appearance that it was mostly hand-drawn. The main character/hero is a stick-figure. Additionally, the majority of the game is colored in black, white, and grey.


As with most point-and-click style flash games, the only thing you need to play is a mouse.

Age Appropriate

Due to some mature content (slight violence), we would recommend this game for children 13 years old and older.


The only cheats we were able to find for Trollface Quest 1 was the walkthrough video available. This video shows exactly how to beat each level of the game, step-by-step. It can definitely come in handy.