Trollface Launch

The troll is back, and this time you will launch him and help him collect a lot of money. You see, our Troll likes expensive cars, and fortunately, with your help he can collect enough money to pay for his hobby.

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So, all you have to do is aim, and launch the troll. Help him bounce in the air and make sure he does not lose height. This is very important, because you really don’t want the Troll to crash. I heard this is very dangerous!

You can also use the money you collect to buy stuff from the Troll Shop. Many different products and upgrades are available there. The prices are very high, but if you play the game right – money won’t be a problem anymore!

Trollface Launch is a super popular game, and because of that, the company that developed it also released a second version of it. In my opinion, this (the first version) is more challenging and I enjoy it more.

>> Click Here To Play Trollface Launch <<


If you like this game (or got addicted to it, which is a pretty common thing actually) – make sure to play other TrollFace games on our website too. You can find many of them here! We keep updating the website of course, so if a new TrollFace game will be released- you will be able to find it here shortly.

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