Trollface Launch 2

The new Trollface Launch 2 game is super fun. This funny game is very popular around the world – and it will defiantly make you laugh as well. All you need to do is launch the Troll – as far as you can. Then, help him collect money and other bonuses. Now guess what – the Troll is sitting on a toilet and that makes everything much harder.

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Let’s see how far you can launch the troll and how much money you will collect along the way. My personal record is $100,000 – amazing, right? By the way, I really recommend you to be careful – as I mentioned, the troll is on the toilet, and accidents can happen, you get me?

If you are really skilled, you will be able to collect tens of thousands of dollars with the Troll! Not too bad for few minutes of work. The Trollface experts can collect even more money from just one launch! It seems like our Troll will be an oligarch really soon!


TrollFace games are very known in USA as well as around the world. They are cool, addicting and so fun! If you liked Trollface Launch 2 – then play other Trollface games on our website as well. Many of them were released, and pretty much all of them can be found on this website. Just choose the desired game, and play it for free! My favorite Trollface games are TrollFace 3 and TrollFace 7. They are challenging, but you will get a hold of them really quickly.

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