Trollface Games

Trollface Games

There are many Trollface games available for you to play. Some games include:

  • Trollface Launch
  • Trollface Launch 2
  • Trollface Quest 1
  • Trollface Quest 2
  • Trollface Quest 3

In this article, we will give you a brief description about each of the Trollface games mentioned above.

Trollface Launch

The Trollface Launch game is a fun, interactive game of chance and skill. To play, you must use your mouse to aim the launch pad in the direction you want Trollface to slingshot. You should wait until the power bar is at max level to ensure you get the greatest distance possible. While in the air, click on Trollface to gain acceleration. Earn cash throughout the game to purchase upgrades and power-ups.

At the start of the game, you only have three burps (accelerators) to use. Use them wisely; the longer you play and the higher up you go, the more money you earn to buy better upgrades!

During your travels through the air, you can obtain additional power-ups – but there are also many objects that can slow you down. Try to get the magnets and exclamation points – as these will help you throughout your gaming experience.

Trollface Launch 2

Trollface Launch 2 has the same concept as the first version. However, in this version, Trollface is sitting on a toilet with wheels, and you must make him belch to make him fly through the air to collect “Likes” and earn money and additional power-ups.

To play, simply use your mouse to aim the desired direction you want Trollface to slingshot to. Wait for the power bar to show max power, and then left click to launch him. Click Trollface’s face to flush the toilet (accelerates). Earn in-game cash to upgrade parts.

While floating through the air, try to collect as many “Likes” as you can – this will fill the bar on the left side of your screen. Once that bar is filled – you can earn a powerful Belch Acceleration power-up. You should also try to collect stars, as these will give you additional acceleration power-ups – though not as powerful as the Belch Acceleration.

Use the in-game money you earn by playing to buy upgrades and additional power-ups to help you throughout the game.

Trollface Quest 1

Trollface Quest 1 is a basic point-and-click style game, where you must try to complete each level without letting your main character die. This game is a little violent, so it’s not really suitable for children under 13 years of age.

The game consists of 20 levels – each with increasingly difficult puzzles to complete. Your main character is a stickman. The graphics are quite simple – mostly appearing to be hand drawn and in black and white (with limited other colors). You have only one setting/option you can adjust – toggling the music on or off.

You only need to use your mouse to play this game. Some examples of how the levels can be difficult would be levels 13 and 16.

In level 13, the object is to drive around the blocks/obstacles to prevent stickman from crashing into them. The first set of obstacles are rather easy, but toward the end, there are blocks on both sides of the road. How do you get around both? A “FIRE” button appears – so you would think you could fire something at them to explode them, right? Wrong! Instead, you must click on the blocks to make them disappear and allow your car to continue forward.

In level 16, stickman is standing in the middle of two moving walls – each wall has many sharp knives and saws ready to cut. The walls slowly move closer and closer to stickman, and you must stop the walls from moving to save stickman! Don’t die! The only way to rescue stickman is to know what to look for – a stop button. As the walls dangerously close around you, located at the very top right corner a button will appear on one of the blocks. Push it to stop the walls before time runs out and you die.

Trollface Quest 2

Like Trollface 1, Trollface 2 is a game of skill. There are 20 levels to successfully complete – each getting more and more challenging. You only need to use your mouse in this version. The graphics are slightly better than they were in the previous version and have a few more colors involved. You also have more settings to choose – toggle music on/off, and clear level progress on map.

The game will auto-save if you exit the window. It uses tracking cookies to remember what level you are, so you can return to it later.

The levels are challenging. One example of what to expect would be level 19. In this level, you are playing a drinking game with Trollface. Drink the first two sips, but be careful. That third sip can kill you – literally! Instead of taking that third sip, you start clicking around on the various bottles sitting all over the floor. Click the wrong one, and you could die.

I’ll give you a hint – after you have taken the first 2 sips, for your third click, click on the bottle with a picture of a bird on the label.

Trollface Quest 3

Trollface Quest 3 is based on the same objective as the first two versions. However, in this version you have more settings available to adjust, an additional button option, better graphics, and more levels to complete.

You can now toggle the music on or off, as well as toggle the graphics between low, medium, and high. You are only using your mouse again; however, you can now press your “P” button on your keyboard to pause your game if you need to. The graphics quality is much better, and includes more colorful images. After you have completed all 30 levels, you can move on to the Bonus Round. We won’t give away the ending though, so you’ll just have to play it to find out!

All Trollface Quest Games have a video walkthrough available, should you need to cheat to get past a level.