Scary Maze Game Best Reactions

The Scary Maze game has gained immense popularity since the day it was developed by Jeremy Winterrowd. The game was created in the year 2003 and has been enjoyed by millions of people on numerous websites and social media sites. The main objective of creating the Scary Maze game was to prank others by making them play an easy game and see them getting scared in the end.


The game has always been a hit in the month of Halloween. Numerous players have tried to trick their close family members and friends by challenging them to play the game. Most of them have even recorded the reactions of the player and posted on YouTube for fun. Some of the best reactions of Scary Maze game are mentioned below. Read on, as you are surely going to have a gala time while imagining their reactions:

  • On 13th January 2011, a reaction was uploaded wherein the guy got so scared by the ghastly looking picture that he punched the monitor of the computer. Also, he kept screaming and had even made his pants wet.
  •  Another hilarious video was uploaded on 28th July 2011, where an elder sibling was recording the reactions of her sister. The girl got so scared that she just ran out of the room.
  •  The video uploaded on 23rd January 2013 is been recorded by a son who is making his dad play the game. He has started recording the video by saying that he wants to test his dad’s eyesight through this amazing game. Dad gets so scared that he breaks the chair and almost falls on the ground.

scary maze

  •   The video uploaded on 20th May 2006 is that of a small boy who gets so scared that he bangs the screen of the monitor and keeps wailing and screaming.
  • On 1st August 2009, a father has posted the video showing the reactions of his three kids while they play the scary maze game. They react by screaming and covering their faces. Watching the youngest one hide behind the elder sibling is too good.
  • Two sisters are playing the game in the video that was uploaded on 1st April 2010. Both of them get really terrified at the scary part of the game.

 Actual Videos

So, do you want to see the actual reactions on video? Here we go !

Paura e Risate 10 – Scary Maze Game (alternative) by TracyLee2
Most of these videos have gained more than a million views and thousands of likes from people across the world. They certainly are the best reactions ever captured while playing the Scary Maze game.

Game History

Do you want to read about the history of the game? Well, In this case- check this wikia page out. It is really interesting actually, I learned a lot from it.